Non Discrimination

Due to the intervention of the office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has provided 153 and the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has provided 818 buses to permit easy access to persons with disabilities. Two seats are reserved for persons with disabilities in all the Government road transport buses in Karnataka. Concessional bus passes have been issued to 1.00 lakh persons with disabilities in Karnataka.

2 seats in BMTC is reserved for disabled persons.  BMTC has introduced low floor buses. BMTC extended free transportation facilities only for visually impaired persons. The State Govt. has issued bus passes at concessional rates to 1,00,000 disabled persons during the year. KSRTC and BMTC have been requested to provide barrier free   features and also provide wheel chairs in all bus stations.

The office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities has instructed the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation to ensure barrier free accessibility for persons with disabilities in all the Metro Railway Stations and in the Metro Rail.

Easy accessibility-

The Police Dept. has initiated action to provide auditory signals at all the traffic signal lights, signages, curb cuts on the roads to enable easy movements for persons with disabilities in Karnataka.

facilities on the road:

a. Auditory signals at red lights in roads for physically handicapped the Police Dept. to take action in Public Works Department has taken up the work.

     The Police Department has initiated action to implement auditory signals at all the traffic signal lights in Karnataka. 175 traffic signals have been installed with auditory signals in three     city corporations.

b.Curved cuts and slopes to be made in pavements for wheel chair users.

       Public works Department has taken up the works.

c. Engraving on the services of the zebra crossing for the VH

The traffic police dept. has made provisions

d. Integrating on the edges of the railway platform for VH and low vision persons.

The Railway Dept. has implemented. In Bangalore city the railways has  
installed motorized vehicle to ferry the disabled persons from the entrance to the train.

e. Devising appropriate symbols of Disabilities.

     Appropriate symbols of disabilities have been designed and warning signals are installed at the appropriate places.

 f. Warning signals at appropriate places

     Action has been initiated

Ramps in public places:

           Many of the public places like Vidhana Soudha, High Court of Karnataka, The Secretariate, Mahanagara Palike, Vikasa Soudha, Bus stations, Airport, Railway stations, Passport office and other public places etc., are made barrier free. Written letters to all Department Heads and Deputy Commissioners to provide barrier free environment in the public buildings, offices and other public places in Karnataka, which comes under the respective departments. 

Adaptation of toilets for wheel chair users:

Implemented at the Secretariat, Vikasa Soudha, Bus station, Railway Station, Vidhana Soudha and other public places.

Braille symbols & auditory signals in elevators:    

Implemented in all important public places

Ramps in hospitals PHC and Medical care & Rehabilitation institution

Ramps and accessible toilets are built at 204 major hospitals at district & taluk levels have ramps. All medical colleges, hospitals have ramps.

Non-discrimination in Govt. employment

The policy is implemented. A number of cases has been taken up by the Court of the State Commissioner for Disabilities and Justice has been provided.